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"Goodman has put together a fascinating portrait of an indomitable Victorian who deserves to be better understood and celebrated." - Daily Mail

Martin Goodman's vivid and reverential biography is, incredibly, the first ever published about Haldane... Goodman successfully avoids what might have been a dry academic study and delivers - to use Victorian terminology - a darn good yarn about a darn good man while weaving through a maze of scientific facts and figures. - The Scotsman

[Goodman] has a novelist’s eye for evocative detail that lesser writers might miss and the result is as compelling as a historical novel... As Goodman's fine biography shows, we still have a lot to learn from Dr J. S. Haldane.’ – P. D. Smith, The Times

Fascinating … Goodman writes enchantingly – The Literary Review

Thrilling – Daily Telegraph

Highly enjoyable. It is a fitting tribute to a pioneer who enabled the human body to survive at the extremes of modern life. – Nature

A fascinating portrait of an indomitable Victorian who deserves to be better understood and celebrated. – Christopher Hudson, Daily Mail

Martin Goodman's work is literary and intimate. At times, Haldane could easily have been one of Dr Jekyll's colleagues in Stevenson's classic novella. The strong sense of dynamic enterprise, however, never detracts from the scholarship which underpins Goodman's work. – Financial Times

Martin Goodman offers us a rounded portrait that does justice to both Haldane the man and Haldane the scientist. This biography flows easily along, and the chapters on Haldane's researches on nerve gas and the other barbaric innovations of the First World War are particularly moving. - The Times Higher Education Supplement

My new novel Ectopia is out from Barbican Press in July.

I have just finished my stint as a AHRC / BBC New Generation Thinker for 2012-13. Here is the first short essay, five minutes worth of Bad Air from Night Waves

From the Essay slot, here is Living the Lives of Others, a fifteen minute essay on biographical practice. And for my contribution to a panel discussion on Buddhism and violence, go 29.18 minutes into this Night Waves edition: Night Waves Dec 4 2012

Something to watch! A wee film I made about about Haldane while also setting a writing challenge, made by the Review team up at the BBC in Glasgow

And here is a trailer for my last novel, the supernatural thriller Look Whos Watching (no apostrophes in my software!) from Caffeine Nights.

"Such narrow, narrow confines we live in. Every so often, one of us primates escapes these dimensions, as Martin Goodman did. All we can do is rattle the bars and look after him as he runs into the hills. We wait for his letters home." ~ The Los Angeles Times

"Heralds a new dawn for British writing." ~ Daily Post

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