Taking a BREAK

Treated ourselves to a day out. One breakthrough in the novel already on the way up the coast. A hellish time in the Monterrey Aquarium. Shoals of mackerel and of anchovies swirling round a vast tube show how crowds can manage themselves, but the people there learn nothing from it. The place is a mad and noisy swirl and bustle of holidaymakers. It's not that easy for us to break out of retreat mode! On to a showing of Spielberg's fable AI: fine enough in itself but great for spawning new ideas for my Cromozone, the whole book taking a conceptual leap in my head as I sat there. This creative leap often happens in theatres, something about the black box, the silent audience, the lighting bringing fresh ideas into play. Films I've used as part of the creative process more for a complete break away from what I'm doing - it gives me a similar perspective to what a break of a week or two might do otherwise.

A relief to get back to the house, to the ocean, to a bit of piece in which we can just create our own worlds again.