What's in a name?


I once asked Lizzie Spender why she had titled her first TV play "The Hedgehog Wedding". "I thought people would ask me that, but no-one ever has," she answered. "The play's about a wedding but it's got nothing to do with hedgehogs. I just figure a piece needs a good title and this is a good title."

My new novel has been through numerous titles. I found the one I now love for it on a sign on a toilet floor in California, "Slippery When Wet."

Today I sat down to revise a new draft of a play, and immediately gave it a new title. It's been called a number of things over the years I've been writing it, latterly "On the Beach". Today it's been christened "Beach Boy Blues" and I like the new title so much the play feels like it must be nearly ready to go out. It's got a sexy feel to it.