Vive la France!

17th February 2003

How grand that France wins a round of applause in the UN Assembly. How wondrous was the march in London on Saturday. We slid into the flow of a million plus marchers for peace at Eros and marched down Piccadilly, gently weeping at first for the sheer sweep of spirit and energy and hopefulness that was driving people along. Our governments might sneer at us for preferring peace, but it's magnificent that people still discover the moral stamina to demand it.

In honour of the French I'm flying off there ... a couple of days in Nimes and Marseille, courtesy of a budget airline. I do find I NEED these times away from Britain, just to get a chance to think clearly. A friend made me laugh yesterday. After years in London she fled back to the States ... what promopted her was a friend just back from a great concert by his favourite rock band. "It was quite good'" he mused ... moderation in all things, that's the Brits for you.

So it's time for a bit of joie de vivre ... and walking the scenes from my favourite ever novel, THE COUNT OF MONTE CHRISTO. Friday morning should see me visiting the Chateau d'If. Hooray.

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