Took a walk yesterday, slept, woke this morning and lay in bed, even read through and edited yesterday's work - and still had no clue whatsoever as to the next scene in CROMOZONE (my ongoing novel). Some way ahead in the book I know well enough - the very next scene was a blank.

So it was a squirt of the Badedas and a long soak in a hot bath. The old trick worked. A character began to form while I soaked, named himself correctly after several near misses, even started feeding me lines of his dialogue. This character can now lead us through the next few scenes.

Sometimes I have to pull the plug out with my toes after such bath treatments, letting the water drain till I get so cold I have to get out. From the bath I walked to the computer to type in the new stuff - a good advantage of working at home. The new scenes are never quite fully in place, the writing always introduces new hurdles that need jumping, but we're on our way with this book again. The actual writing took about 45 minutes today, just short of 600 words, but it felt like enough. I was happy to set it aside and move on to other things for a while. The novel is building on itself in my head once again.

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