September 24, 2014

EctopiaA modern teenage dystopia. The world has seen no girls born for sixteen years. Karen was the last girl and Steven her twin. Their Dad’s of the old school. He turns their garden into a fortress. His children may yet be the future of the world, if they can escape in time. Think HUNGER GAMES or a CATCHER IN THE RYE for the Doom Generation.

Of Martin Goodman’s earlier work:

‘Heralds a new dawn for British writing’ – Liverpool Daily Post

‘Goodman’s novel soars’ – The Times


Ectopia is a terrific novel with excellent characterisation, world-building, narration and dialogue. A story of great depth, raising questions about who we are and how we define ourselves. Steven is a brilliant narrator with a thrilling tale to tell. –Barbara Melville – Interzone

Ectopia is a thought provoking read that isn’t afraid to take risks, which gives it a leg up in the crowded dystopian marketplace. It’s not going to usurp The Hunger Games as teenagers’ dystopia du jour … but give it a few years and some of them will want to cut their teeth on something meatier. —Litreactor

The plot is infused with elements of myth, of gender, of catastrophe, and with the construction of narrative itself… It stands within a tradition that seeks to examine the nature of the present by constructing a fantastical but palpable other world that reflects some of the aspects of our own lives back on us. –Christopher Burns – The Warwick Review

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