Client Earth

November 4, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.16.10Client Earth, written with my husband James Thornton, tells the tale of ecolawyers out to save the planet.

Lawyers are great strategic thinkers. Back in 1970, when the Nixon administration brought in a raft of great environmental laws in the US, ecolawyers didn’t just sit back. They formed into groups that could hold the government to account should it ever backtrack on its commitments.

And of course the government did. James started in America, when Reagan decided water pollution was a good thing, and shamed the Environmental Protection Agency back into doing its job.

That’s an exciting story, and countless more follow after James heads to Europe to set up Client Earth. Four years of writing took me around the UK, to Brussels, to Poland, to Ghana and the USA. The tale of China that closes the book is a radically optimistic close.

I see the whole books as an evidence-based narrative of hope. It’s been ` warming experience, taking the book on the road around the UK and Australia, and seeing the effect it has had.

‘A hopeful book about the environment and a page-turner about the law.’ – The Guardian

‘A great book about how to save the planet using the long arm of the law’ – Coldplay

‘The book is inspirational in a hard headed, let’s go to work-and-get-real-results sort of way … There’s a global vision. It’s quietly amazing. One of the more significant books of the year.’ – Oxford Today



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