Monday, April 03, 2006

Daniel Falcone and 'Night Swimming'

In thinking back over the other night's NT production of 'Royal Hunt of the Sun', i realize how its director Trevor Nunn has subjected me to endless hours of tedium over the years. A hackneyed director of an old old school. Time to boycott future works of his and let others enthuse.
I found a new director on that same South Bank outing though. Taking in the 'Troubled Teens' collection of shorts at the London Gay and Lesbian Film festival, Daniel Falcone's 'Night Swimming' brimmed with light, movement, vitality, characters, compassion, framing. It was an MFA for Daniel Falcone, who was in the audience puppy-full of enthusiasm for London, life, his film, his music.
Where the audience had questions they were for the English short 'Goodboys' set in Langdale Reformatory. It was OK, worthy, though never particularly credible. All rather held back, more like being in a public than a reform school, everyone minding their language. Three of the programme's four films were bleakly northern European, one was American and alive. You can see why hits come from over the pond.
I asked Daniel the one quesion, about the choice of music which really drove the film forward. As with every aspect of this piece, it was a considered and passionate choice. He was so excited to be in London, near where so many of his very favourite bands came from.
His enthusiasm for his art was touching. Some of it rubbed off. I stepped back out and walked along the Thames, feeling sunnier.


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