Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mother Meera's home village, Chandepalle

When I took pictures back in 1995, researching my biography of Mother Meera In Search of the Divine Mother, I believed I was capturing the images on behalf of all those devotees who might never get to see them for themselves.
Years have past, and it no longer seems right to post pictures of Mother Meera's family in India. Some future day perhaps, when it does not seem so invasive. They were good and welcoming people.
Here are a couple of shots of her home village, Chandepalle, in Andhra Pradesh. The first is of the small house in which she was born. The other is the house of Venkat Reddy's family, where she went to work and where he found her after roaming india in search of a 'divine mother'. That house was across the wall from her own. When you learn it is the best house in the village (inside has a fine cooling courtyard), you understand something of the huge leap made from there to her present residencies in Germany.


Blogger hanuman said...

Hi Martin, a friend had just pointed out that you posted this. Thanks for sharing it! I linked it from my blog here. In an indian village, this is just a very normal house, actually I have seen much worse. Mr. Reddys house must have looked better 30 yrs back. That houses in Germany are better is no news - still Mother is not living in luxuries. Nevertheless nice to see - Greetings from here - Michael

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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