Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Bloglink roll of honour for March

March was the first full month of this blog. My site as a whole had 7,289 readers pass through. Who specifically came from other bloggers?
Michael Allen, the Grumpy Old Bookman, had a hands-down victory with 91 hits.
John Barlow a handsome enough second place with 11.
Mountainmurmurs managed a generous 9.
Transita, who never quite got it together to actually post my piece written for their Author of the Month spot, came through with a rather feeble 8 hits.
That's it - the cut-off point was 6. Anne Weale's Bookworm site, which featured me twice including a rather combattive interview, didn't feature at all. But then her site is rather parsimonious on its links.
The honours board for April is still open. Get linking! I'm happy to link back as appropriate.
In honour of his sterling work, here's an extra link for Michael Allen, who is featuring his new novel, published in daily excerpts, at the moment. Cory Doctorow is often taken as the model for success through giving novels away in efashion. There's something in it - but Doctorow's books are written specifically for technofreaks. Downloads suit the concept. I suspect Mr Allen's market ain't so techie. A brave venture though - and an easy way of sampling the book before ordering one made of paper.


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