Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Off to an English Pen meeting last night - in the Adam Street club venue (pictured). The blue plaque marks the house of Richard Arkwright, quite appropriate for the topic of the evening where four scientists were selling science and scientists as suitbale topics for fiction writers. It's part of an operation by Scitalk, focused on bringing writers and scientists together.
Experiments by scientists see them working all hours of the day and night - so if you need a character to appear at 4am in a story, why not make it a scientist? You need foreign characters? Choose scientists, who travel around the world seeking new stages of their academic career. They all certainly enthuse ... last night's bag were a geologist, materials scientists, developmental scientist, and particle physicist.
They didn't include the mad, evil scientist amongst the panel - more like the writer's stock in trade.
I wondered about bringing biographical and metaphysical impulse into the life stories of scientists (on my own current quest for the life of J.S.Haldane. Some scientists might be averse to such a reading, they told me, others not. What becomes ever cleaer for me, what I want to put across, is the excitement of scientists for their science, the creative rush of their own game.


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