Friday, May 05, 2006

Flip the Script

A good evening at the Contact Theatre for their 'Flip the Script' night on Wednesday. Some wonders were worked in the 45 minutes of rehearsal time given to the segment of my 'Feeding the Roses' since the blind readthrough the night before. Just the opening seven pages. The actors were 30 years younger than the age they opening two characters were written for, but it worked. An extra sexiness and liveliness came in.
It's grand to have a play presented live, if only in a modest form. My every dream is about the theatre, I have a play I want to write that needs loads of research first, but first I must have a full production of this one. It's taken twenty years or more of redrafting and sharpening. Time to give my play agent a wake up call I think - she did a round of submissions 6 months ago. Why 6 months should be the standard time of response form theatres I don't know, but i suspect it has much to do with underfunding.


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