Sunday, May 14, 2006

Perthshire Personalities of the 1930s, anyone?

The subject of my new biography, J.S.Haldane, is third from the left. This is a favourite photo, with that sparkle in his eye. I believe it was taken in the 1930s, for the Perthshire Advertiser.

The lady to his right, with the striped scarf, is the Duchess of Atholl. The lady second from right, with the fur stoal, is Elizabeth Haldane (J.S's sister - and probably fair game for a biography in her own right if anyone is interested). But I don't know who the other three people are, nor where it was taken (though maybe in Auchterader?).

If anyone recognizes anyone here, please let me know!

PS ... Follow this link to a picture of the Duchess of Atholl, the first Scottish woman MP, launching the ship that bears her name, of the Canadian Pacific Line. I do like these byways of biographical research!


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