Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Armchair Travel to Pike's Peak,

For a while I've had only temporary access to the Net. It's interesting to note how often I return to the writing task at hand because the option of cruising the web is not available.
But then you can always call it research. I've just been checking out Pike's Peak. The hero of my new biography, J.S.Haldane, led an expedition there in 1911. I'm wondering about flying out this summer to gather in local colour so I can bring that chapter to life. It looks well worth the trouble. A dramatic cog railroad takes you to the top, with huge climatic shifts en route, then in a 40 minute stay the chance you have the chance to imagine what it was like for Haldane and his team to be running experiments up there day and night for five weeks.
The cog railways runs an informative site. 2006 is in fact the bicentenary of the naming of the mountain.
For webcams of the views from the top of the Peak, try here.
And the image comes from a webcam of the Peak itself.


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