Friday, June 09, 2006

Beside the River Kwai

I was pleased to follow this photo blog for scenes that featured in the Thailand section of my latest novel Slippery When Wet. It includes good scenes of the river ... 'The River Kwai' ... in Kanchanburi, and some fine shots of the war cemetery. Follow through to the last page for images of the temple, where the book's lead character climbed up through the dragon's body to experience the caves at the top.
I wondered whether the Jeath museum had changed since 1991, when I was there. A simple hut, one expected an 'upgrade' to something more audio-visual with paying turnstiles, a death camp experience for tourists. Happily, from this separate photo, it seems the simplicity remains. The hut based on those in which prisoners were housed, and filled with simple yet striking mementoes of that time of war (to which Maggie, in my novel, adds her own).


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