Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Inanimate Alice

I set up and ran my first professional website back in 1996 ... Erasmus.org (now defunct). All design work was done by a web design company in Santa Fe.
My own website was set up by my then 16 year old nephew in 2000. It is so full of content that the structure is too heavy to unravel and redesign. Oddly it still works in its way - though I've been glad of this Blogger outlet, the relative ease of publication as against working my way through HTML.
I'd love to have web design skills to hand - as I'd love my French to be fluent and to understand the night sky. As with those skills, maybe some day.
For now though it's interesting to come across the work of pioneers. I've just been told of one such, the writer Kate Pullinger. Her website is an interesting excursion in itself, and offers an online tale Inanimate Alice, blending a girl's simple story of driving through a radioactive night in China seeking her father along with graphics. Music and sound (do turn on those speakers for the journey) draw you in smoothly. Interactivity comes into the equation too, not only choosing when to shift the story forwards but also allowing the opportunity to take pictures of flowers along the way.
I was somewhat disappointed by the happy ending, for we had been heading somewhere weirder than that, but was quite engrossed for the five minutes .. and look forward to following the tale through episode 2 in Italy.
Give it a try. It's gentle pioneering material that is already surprisingly accomplished and opens up new writing dimensions. A blog comes attached to it if you want to engage directly.


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