Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Scottish Architects

A new research tool promised to be fun, the just-launched online index of Scottish Architects. OK, as fun goes maybe it's specialized. But I hopped on line to see what details they had about the Haldane residence near Auchterarder. Nothing. Not even the family seat in Gleneagles.
His birthplace then? 17 Charlotte Square was designed by Robert Adam. No references to the place in the dictionary though.
Still, I'm sure there's some good stuff there and it seems to be a type of Wikipedia, seeking internaitonal contirbutions about Scottish architects.
A new Edinburgh firm is more helpful. Their website has a page showing details of the interior of the Charlotte Square house, recently restored/adapted at a cost of millions.
Cloan is an architectural curiosity, one of those houses added on to by many architects over generations. I grew up in a similar one, the Old Rectory in Rempstone, whose foundations were supposedly from the 12th century, cellars with secret passages running out of them, but recent additions were Victorian - our family changed things more, and on a recent visit it's been changed again. Oliver Cromwell went to school there. It would surprise him now.


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