Saturday, July 01, 2006

Au Revoir les Anglais

Out into the countryside this afternoon ... Cardington Village Church fete. Part of giving my American partner quintessential English experiences.
A fine teenage troupe played steel drums and people queued for tea and home made cakes, and punnets of gooseberries, but it was pretty 'low grade' as an event, as an English dame we know might say. It was largely a fleamarket. Stand-out, and so largely of course stand-alone with little interest shown, was the stall of the splendidly bewhiskered Bedfordshire Beekeper.
On from there to the tearoom of the 18th Century Moggerhanger Hall, designed by Sir John Soanes. On the menu was 'Hilly Billy Blue Cheese on toasties - local cheese from Wobley Bottom Farm' - surely English enough in its lexical weirdness.
And from there to England losing to Portugal on the TV - battling as the underdog when reduced to ten men, in valiant English fashion.
Then to packing up this house in Sandy Beds. Next week a fresh young family moves in and we move on via Scotland to France - hence 'au revoir les Anglais' for a while - though methinks the English one finds in southern France are as quintessential as any.


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