Friday, July 07, 2006

The Summer of '06

The picture's something of a dream image - me at the rose-coloured window of our little house in the French Pyrenees. The roses will have withered but I'll be there next month. My boxes of Haldania are packed and I'll be burrowing in to the beginning of the J.S.Haldane story. At least I have the voice of the book now, with one chapter written.
I'll be roving before then. Excuse the sudden paucity of blogs - the house has sold and we move out on Monday. Some time in September we'll be back and based in London, somewhere. Before then comes some time in Scotland with friends, the ticking off of another couple of big writing projects, then a few more questing jaunts along the Haldane trail.
Along with the house goes my broadband connection. I'll doubtless check in by blog now and again, but expect a quiet month or two. Please take the chance to dance around the years of material featured on my website while I'm gone.
OK, time to take a final lunge and clear my desktop into a box. See you later.


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