Saturday, August 12, 2006

Navigating by bookstores

A day in West Hollywood on foot saw me walk a triangle between three bookstores ... Different Lights was first, on Santa Monica, for the gay aspect. Then to the Bodhi Tree for the spiritual ... I read there years ago on election night, not to be recommended if you want to draw a crowd. Then Booksoup back up on Sunset, for the literature angle. Oddly that's the only place I didn't buy ... the staff recommendations were ones I disagreed with, and the way the fiction is stacked to the ceiling (as pictured) makes it barely accessible.
Now I'm in Santa Barbara and the fine bookstore of some years ago has been crowded out by the chains. Best here is to walk the beach in the morning and read the tiny tracks spiked into the sand by the variety of shore birds. There's more adventure in this strip of coast than in most books. Yesterday morning brought us to a scene of destruction beneath the pier, a seagull feeding off a live pigeon as the waves lapped around them both.
A wine country stopover inside myself (Sunstone winery, the one organic one in the valley and most excellent reds) time to roll myself in the ocean awhile.


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