Monday, September 18, 2006

The Pen is a Mighty Sword - a playwriting award

Pleasant news in today – I’ve won a prize in the ‘Pen is a Mighty Sword’ international playwriting competition, run through the Virtual Theatre Project in the USA. I'll be flying out to a staging of my play Feeding the Roses in Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, next February.

I was fighting shy of entering competitions, till wandering down a corridor with a whole bunch of esteemed, prize-winning poets recently. Entry forms to a poetry competition were on a wall, and each poet took one away eagerly. It seems such competitions are part of the life blood of poets. My new novel Slippery When Wet sits with the pack of those books entered by publishers for the next Costa award – which is what the Whitbread has become.

Feeding the Roses, which had a few minutes of itself performed as part of Contact’s ‘Flip the Script’ event in Manchester. I do look forward to seeing how the whole play comes across when fed through an American experience.

In the meantime entries have started coming through for the short story competition I myself am judging – the City of Derby writing competition, 2007.


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