Monday, July 09, 2007

The Edinburgh Book Festival (&, of course, J. S. Haldane)

When the box office for the Edinburgh Book festival opened, a queue stretched two miles along Princes Street from the sales desk in Waterstones. Sales for the festival are an astounding 45% up on this time last year. I've tried myself to reach the booking service online, and been told that there was too much traffic, come back later. The whole system crashed through overuse on launch day.
My own event now appears as a supplement to the programme - a collector's edition for those in the know! Click here to be taken to the booking page - put in just 'Goodman' or the date: my event's on August 14th at 10.30am. And take care. The other Martin Goodman appears at the festival the following day - I'm sure he gives a good show, but I'd be sorry to miss you.
I really look forward to occasion, telling the magnificent tale of J. S. Haldane's life, spinning it from the very venue of Charlotte Square where Haldane was born, grew up and got married.

(The picture is a fine portrait of John Scott Haldane in the doorway of the family of home of Cloan, near Auchterarder. Take it as evidence of the quality of the pictures in the book, that this glorious one didn't make it between the covers. You saw it here first!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Subject: Haldane picture

Hello, I am a student in an Anatomy and Physiology course and I was wondering if could use the picture of John Scott Haldane for a project I am doing. I would cite my information and give the credit to the cite I took the picture from. My class is very private and only my other classmates would be able to see the picture. I would very much like to use this picture in my work and I will give the credit of the picture to the site.

Thank you

Jessica Riopel

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