Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Postcard from Orkney

Orkney is a grand place to blow your mind clean and fresh - the caravan rocking in the gusts off Scapa Flow. A terrific day yesterday walking round Marwick Head, few birds nesting but spirited spearing dives of skuas and fulmars and the brilliany scissoring of gannets.
Today was Stromness, walking the environment of the current book-on-the-go, the life of the Orkney poet and storyteller George Mackay Brown. A fine book to read in loco, especially the early chapters with their tales of the islands (somewhat less interesting are the abortive love affairs and the alcholic binging). Wandered the extravagantly fine Pier Arts Centre too, spry and light-filled in its new 3.5 million pound refit. A pleasing stretch of town - though WHY do the locals smother the beauty of the stone in their houses with stucco?
We're geared for anything now ... reclothed ourselves for winter on the first day in Kirkwall, but back down to one layer today. It's pleasing to see how quickly I can still adapt to not working.


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