Friday, October 12, 2007

West Hampstead Author wins the Nobel Prize

She was born in Iran, raised in Africa, but Doris Lessing moved to West Hampstead in 1949 which makes her more West Hampstead than anything else.
I moved to West Hampstead in 2006, so with a little gene manipulation, maybe some monkey gland injections, a batch of international publishing sensations and some hard core supporters, I stand a chance of the Nobel before I'm 110.
I do actually have a bet on my winning the Nobel, £1 even odds made in Italy in 1978. Fourteen years on from the bet I had my first novel published ... slow-burn to be sure, but then I have no need to rush. Those Swedes are canny and bound to let a few years pass before releasing the award to a West Hampstead author once again. I suppose if they give me advance notice I might consider moving, to save them blushes.
My partner introduced himself to Doris Lessing as a fan a while back. 'Where are you from?' she demanded. 'America,' he responded. 'Then you have never suffered!' she chided him, and turned away.


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