Monday, November 05, 2007

Graham Mort's 'Visibility'

It's cheery to see such an exceptional Guardian review for Graham Mort's new book of poetry, the new and selected poems Visibility. I used a bundle of eminent poems in a seminar the other week. It was Graham's poem 'Mole Totem' which meant most to the students. Six three-line stanzas, each a sentence, follow the journey of moles hung up in death ... Backs convulse against wind,/rain washes strychnine/through their leaky spines. ... then back into the subterranean world through which they once swam ... One by one they fall, softened/by April rain, quicken, plunge/blindly back into waves of soil.
I am glad to have had the years of Graham's poet's eye trained on my novel Ectopia (as supervisor on my PhD at Lancaster). Not just the poet's eye for rhythm and language and detail, but an unflinching eye, peering thorugh the surface of the work in search of what was yet to be revealed.


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