Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some wisdom of J. S. Haldane

I've just spotted a few notes on Haldane at the side of my desk, taken from a talk he gave to Staffordshire Mining Students in 1921 (found in the National Library of Scotland and not included in my Suffer & Survive). They offer a fine taste of the man, and as snatches of wisdom go there's ample room for them in our twenty-first century:

"We live and exist, not as mere individuals who endure for a short time and then perish, but also as identified with the lives, suffering, struggles and aspirations of our fellow men."

"God is with us everywhere, and often nearest to those who are furthest from religion and churches. It is in single-hearted devotion top any kind of work which takes us beyond our individual selves that the vision of God appears to us."


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