Saturday, December 05, 2009

American Zen

Six to eight in the morning has become my writing time, before the rest of the university job kicks in. The game of late has been to write up the meagre pages of journal from my days in the Zen Mountain Monastery last September. I like the notion of writers' journals, but find I only keep one when travelling. My notes are minimal. I want to write up the experience while the experience, and its details, are still in my head.
Touching 11,000 words I'm just about done. I do see this as a book in the making, a Zen journal in the tradition of Peter Mathhiessen's Nine-Headed Dragon River. For now that's it, I only have the one episode to write up. In writing about it I come to understand it a little more, see what is there to be learned so I can move on. One phrase hit me this morning, from an interview with Daido Roshi. As advice, it seems to be the very nugget of American Zen. 'Shup up and sit.'


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sitting quietly...

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