Thursday, December 17, 2009

J.S.Haldane and the Hengist

One of the most popular images on my blog is one of the 'Hengist', this biplane (featured in this earlier posting).  As an early holiday present to those plane enthusiasts, here's the one previously not published on the web but in my biography of J.S.Haldane.
J.S.Haldane has been brought back to my attention today, as I have been alerted to the Royal Society's Trailblazer page, where the great man is linked on a timeline (1913). 
I met the man in charge of new exhibits at the Science Museum at Brian Eno's Christmas party the other evening (a cheery occasion, everyone joining in acapella singing) ...  the museum is STILL waiting to honour J.S.Haldane. Come on folks. It's been years since I was told you were onto it, that some due credit would be given to the great man. I'm glad the Royal Society are waking to their own.


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