Forever Konrad: A Vampire’s Vampire

November 4, 2017

Erikson-Lees cov copyA Powerful & Disturbing Experience‘ – Ramsey Campbell

One night in Hull, I woke from a dream of being a vampire.

A later vision of a woman standing on the beach at Zeebrugge, staring out to sea, drew me across the North Sea and into medieval Europe. I began FOREVER KONRAD: A Vampire’s Vampire in a cabin of a P&O Ferry on the night of my return.

Born in Görlitz in 1656, Konrad allowed himself to be taken by an Ancient, an Ur-Species that r=predates our sense of vampires. He hoped to write the life story of the Ancient. When he came round that Ancient was gone – and so instead he writes the true stories of his kind, for his kind.

This is the first human edition of one of those tales. It brings the vampire tradition back to East Yorkshire – to Hull and the village of Cherry Burton – and does so with a vengeance.


‘An intense and compelling tale of the supernatural, Forever Konrad shows us all the stages of a monster coming to maturity. It combines psychology at its darkest with a genuine sense of the uncanny – a powerful and disturbing experience.’ –   Ramsey Campbell

‘Martin Goodman has created the baby from hell, mashing Rosemary’s Baby, Interview with the Vampire and The Mummy’ into a darkly blood stained adventure that moves across space and time in a new twist on the vampire tale. Told in an intense and intimate style Dr Spock would not have approved, Forever Konrad is a treat to read – a gripping, uncanny, gothic adventure.’ – Clive Bloom, author of Gothic Horror. Emeritus Professor at Middlesex University

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I discussed Forever Konrad & the whole tradition of Vampires in Yorkshire with Gothic experts Dr Kevin Corstorphine and Dr Catherine Wynne (who reveals a Dracula secret from Whitby) at the University of Hull. Watch the whole discussion.  Or  tune in to the reading from the event, Chapter 4 of the novel and a little boy in Cherry Burton discovers a taste for blood.

Konrad tweets, when he can bestir himself, @ForeverKonrad   (Martin @MartinGoodman2)


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