Monday, November 06, 2006

So ... I'm a Londoner

So - I've done it. I have my new bookstores (a new and independent one in West Hampstead, second-hand in Hampstead, plus a range of charity shops); I have my walking routes, ten minutes up to Hampstead Heath then around and around; and today I even recovered some writing rhythm. This morning's work was utter rubbish and only worth erasing. Hopefully this afternoon's will stand up to being read when I settle down again in the morning.
There's a pleasing buzz to coming to know a new street, saying hello to new friends, reading the blue plaques (one-time homes of Keats, R.L.Stevenson and D.H.Lawrence on my first walk), and sensing how you're walking through a landscape patterned by history.
Previously in London I yearned for a stretch of clear sky. The current apartment seems filled with sky, sunlight after the early morning hours and a view for miles south. Kindly the world offered firework displays for our first evening at home. And mist curled around the streets this morning, giving an atmospheric touch to what is otherwise gloriously sunny.
I'm going to like being here.


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hampsteads great

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