Friday, October 12, 2007

Mentoring Book for FREE!

The agent Clare Alexander, in her Bookseller blog, questions the value-for-money of literary consultants or 'life coaches'. She asks if a code of practice could be set up.
In many ways The Write Guide provides that, but with the focus on mentoring instead of coaching. It's an easy-going how-to book for all sides to the mentoring agreement. Philippa Johnstone, who runs Literature Training from up in Edinburgh, came down to the London launch event the other week and reminded me that a slim version she commissioned is available online as a free pdf download. (Otherwise it can be bought at £3.50). A a model contract is available online from the same source, and Philippa plans to keep extending the mentoring section of their website as a developng resource.
This is a genuine public service announcement - I don't get royalties for sales. And I'm delighted so much is available for free (the printed version is much expanded, with more sections and a lot of additional interview material). As the first book of its kind in the world, the online version can reach countries that might never normally have found it.


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