Friday, February 29, 2008

Cover art

The new cover for Suffer & Survive is just in. 'Striking' was my word for it when I saw it. It took a while, then I came to smile. Hopefully it's designed to sit on the 3 for 2 tables and go streaming out of the bookstores when it comes out in August. Readers have told me how much they've enjoyed it despite their expectations, really engaging with the characters (and often with the women), so I am happy for the book's cover to attract readers who wouldn't normally be skimming the popular science shelves.
I managed to squeeze in just three small changes - while my research has continued beyond publication, it's too bothersome a business for publishers to change pagination and footnotes and I'm quite happy for the book to run as it stands. The changes were honouring comments from family members, who I reckon maintain some such rights over the book.


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