Sunday, March 01, 2009

With Linda Duong at home

At 14 I looked onto what would become my new bedroom, in the old Rectory in Rempstone, Nottinghamshire. The house had underground passages running from cellars in its 12th century foundations, and in later years Oliver Cromwell was schooled there. This bedroom had been home to two writers before me; Dorothy Hartley and Cecil Roberts. The current occupant, the house's elderly owner, kept the room monk-like, just a wooden cross marking its white walls. The decor of a monk's cell has always appealed since then.
We achieve it at our home in France. Here in Plymouth we're starting to let rip. This photo sees me at today's Sunday dinner table, looking out across Plymouth Hoe, a new photograph finally framed and up on the wall behind me.
It's by Linda Duong, bought from a show curated by Garry Hunter in the crypt of St Pancras Church, London, last year. Linda received a grant to return to Vietnam, where she was born, and brought back some wondrous images. This one, to be found in more glaring colours on the travel section of her website, is filled with detail and story that I'm very happy to live with and look my way into each day. Taken in Vietnam in 2002, it has the retro look of Blade Runner while also feeling like a glimpse into the future somehow.


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