Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm sitting in the new office of ClientEarth, looking out across the expanse of London Fields with its ancient plane trees. This is me, polishing off emails. Tomorrow I head for the hills (well, Pezilla de Conflent, a village in the French Pyrenees) which I start yearning for this time of year.
An internet signal is in fact beamed around the village from the church's clock tower, though France Telecom denies the fact when I try to sign up. So I will be offline for a couple of weeks ... which begins to seem a blessing. The web's a wonder as a research tool, but I do look forward to staring into nature rather than at a screen. Years ago already, when teaching a highschool kid one winter morning, I pointed him to the window and a spectacular streak of sunrise. 'Wow,' he said. 'It's just like a screensaver.'
I thought I had finished my new novel the day before term started. In fact I had outlined its skeleton, in a rush for completion before the university gobbled me whole again. Now it's spit me out for a couple of weeks, the Easter break, so I'll be writing again.
I finished my last novel in the village, while looking out of the window. As I set down my pen, a heron (my bird of good omen) came and flew a tight loop around the bend of the river in front of me, the bird at my eye level, dancing a celebration.
So I'm going quiet a while ... may the freshness of Spring ghost your footsteps.


Anonymous j and h said...

Bonjour mon ami,

Peace and plenty to you Martin. Hope you have a glorious welcome into Spring. All the best for a creative moment. Hopefully for James too.

Thank you for our little virtual visit to that beautiful french village...


jacqui x Hana x

p.s Really enjoying 'Suffer and Survive' - what a man, what a family. Beautifully written.

4:40 PM  

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