The first biography of the astonishing scientist Dr J. S. Haldane, Suffer and Survive

Suffer and SurviveMartin Goodman begins his excellent biography of John Scott Haldane with a vivid account of the Tylorstown disaster. He has a novelist’s eye for evocative detail that lesser writers might miss and the result is as compelling as a historical novel – The Times

Martin Goodman's vivid and reverential biography is, incredibly, the first ever published about Haldane, a medical adventurer in an epic quest to personally explore the limits of human endurance and save lives… Suffer and Survive is much more than a litany of the gruesome realities of the industrial revolution and is often surprisingly funny, littered with anecdotes and quotes from Haldane's letters… Goodman successfully avoids what might have been a dry academic study and delivers - to use Victorian terminology - a darn good yarn about a darn good man while weaving through a maze of scientific facts and figures. - The Scotsman

Fascinating … Goodman writes enchantingly – The Literary Review

Thrilling – Daily Telegraph

Highly enjoyable. It is a fitting tribute to a pioneer who enabled the human body to survive at the extremes of modern life. – Nature

A fascinating portrait of an indomitable Victorian who deserves to be better understood and celebrated. – Christopher Hudson, Daily Mail

Martin Goodman's work is literary and intimate. At times, Haldane could easily have been one of Dr Jekyll's colleagues in Stevenson's classic novella. The strong sense of dynamic enterprise, however, never detracts from the scholarship which underpins Goodman's work. – Financial Times

Martin Goodman offers us a rounded portrait that does justice to both Haldane the man and Haldane the scientist. Goodman's own website emphasises his credentials as a mystic, poet, novelist and teacher of creative writing, which makes Haldane seem an odd choice of subject. Nevertheless, Goodman clearly empathises with Haldane and narrates the various scientific debates in which Haldane was involved from Haldane's side. This biography flows easily along, and the chapters on Haldane's researches on nerve gas and the other barbaric innovations of the First World War are particularly moving. Goodman has made good use of a variety of archival as well as the standard printed sources. - The Times Higher Education Supplement

***A New Novel***

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Why the critics love Slippery When Wet

I’m not sure how Martin Goodman has pulled this extraordinary novel off - so moving and so funny; so sharply acute and so generous hearted; so translucent and so intelligent; so honest and so hopeful. Should work for both sunny days and cold nights - Sara Maitland, author of 'On Becoming a Fairy Godmother'

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The Write Guide: Mentoring

Written with Sara Maitland, THE guide for anyone seeking to get involved in mentoring for creative writing. Pat Barker writes of the book: "Mentoring is an important area of development for writers. I'm pleased that New Writing North are publishing this guide, which is not only an indispensable tool for writers, but highly readable too."

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I Was Carlos Castaneda

The famed writer and sorcerer Carlos Castaneda steps back from the dead to lead Martin Goodman on a chase through the French Pyrenees, in search of the secrets of shamanism, hallucinogens, religion and lost youth.

I WAS CARLOS CASTANEDA: a survivor's guide.


On Sacred Mountains

ON SACRED MOUNTAINS is Mountains, though they might seem to be merely big bits of rock decorated with snow and trees, are in fact "great teachers". Nipping up summits the world over, Goodman finally finds one that talks. Yes: Guadaloupe Peak, Texas, is a speaking mountain. It says to him: "All you need is love." (Why can't mountains like the Beatles, too?) Later on, Goodman begins "to suspect, and also to fear, that I was to be a prophet of a new world order". Indeed. Either an important spiritual document, or an admonitory example of the effects of oxygen deprivation. - The Guardian. Decide for yourself. The book stems from years spent travelling to the sacred mountains of the world.

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On Bended Knees

On Bended Knees on Kindle

Life's uncomfortable for Tomas Christie, an English boy with a German mother. He travels to Dresden and a divided Berlin to investigate the German side of his nature, his blind ex-Nazi uncle his guide to the bitterness and hopes of a new Europe. Shortlisted for the Whitbread First Novel award.

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In Search of the Divine Mother

In Search of the Divine Mother

In Search of the Divine Mother (Harper Collins, 1998) is a groundbreaking study of the origins of religion, tracing the life and career of an Indian woman (Mother Meera) worshipped by many thousands as God on earth.

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