Everything I Am - A blithely gay Arnold, his neighbours pulling out the stops for this twenty-first birthday

And Arnold seven years on, aged 28.

The Bengal Boys - In the 1980s I spent some time teaching Bengali schoolchildren in England. I found few stories that reflected their experience, so determined to write one. This story stems from a visit to Sylhet, the province in the northwest of Bangladesh. It's written as a children's story and has worked well in classrooms ... any teachers logging in, please feel free to use it. For a more adult take on Bangladesh you should enjoy my new novel Slippery When Wet.

When Toffee-apples Turn to Juice - "If I read this story and didn't know you," my Mum said, "I'd say you were sick." Dispassionately I see what she means, but I like it even so. This is a link to its publication on The Richmond Review

Grandfather and I - My grandfathers died long before I was born. Even so, this was reviewed at the time it came out in IRON magazine as a piece of non-fiction. Nice at least that it rang true for people!

Birth Pangs at Tea - A mother reclaims her life from her unwanted child, who finds escape of her own in her room.

The Big She - For a time I lived full-tilt as a devotee of a divine mother. This little piece stems from a time beyond that stage in my life, but it was stoked from a residue of those emotions. The story plays with the language of myth and yearns to be tranlsated into Sanskrit.

Cuando las manzanas acarameladas se deshacen - The "toffee-apples" story from above, in Spanish tranlation.

Monica Lewinsky Loves Me Too! - Remember Monica? I wrote this in early 1998, using comedy to let loose some frustration around the publishing process as my new book waited for the world to notice it.

The Loving Room! - A young white lad brings his Asian best mate home for the night in his English family living room. An original story for this site.