Seventy pages into my new book (Cromozone, a novel) and today, at last, comes the relief of knowing how it starts. It did have a beginning, of courseit started with an expletive and got angrier from there. The character of the narrator, a sixteen year old boy, gathered many more facets as the book continued. I've learned more about the nature of the book too as it's grown; the surrounding society, the mythical aspects, the plot. I left my beginning way behind, in terms of quality as much as anything else. As the inconsistencies mounted I simply carried on.

Now it's changed. I have to get these early pages polished and right so the rest of the book can build on them. Suddenly I have my missing piece. The character I thought of as the narrator's sister I now see is his twin.

The relationships can now all shift to accommodate this fact and everything will be right. It will give the book more heart.