Displacement Activities

Had a good one today ... on a writing retreat in Big Sur, so it's a 90 mile round trip for provisions. A steady drive up the coastline, Baba Maal on the CD, writing thoughts playing through my head. Good organic food and wine in stock now ... staying in other people's homes frees up money for an excellent level of home cooking. Enough shopping in for days now ... so that excuse for not writing is out the window.

Actually I'm not looking for excuses. The writing's going well and I'm less obsessed with the daily wordcount than I used to be. I'm still pleased to come away with a 1000 words but don't feel bad if there's less. I used to rev up to the occasional 10,000 word stints. Now I know that more often means rubbish. It's a while since I've played solitaire (called patience in England). That was an old trick , knowing that the minimum I had to do was stay seated at my desk for some hours, I'd play hand after hand. When one came out I reckoned the muse was flowing, put away the cards, and started writing.

Introduced myself at the Thunderbird Bookstore in Carmel. When my first book came out I was shy of approaching bookstores in this way, but it's nice in fact how they do give a real welcome to writers. They ran off to collect the copy of I WAS CARLOS CASTANEDA they had in store for me to sign. It's good that stores generally have one copy at least.