Moving On

A functional morning of business correspondence and planning the future. Sent an email off to a contact in Mexico, through someone I met at the LA Book Fair, seeing if I can interest her in the Spanish right to I Was Carlos Castaneda. It seems a natural in Spanish to me. I signed over the rights to Random House who sold Russian translation rights, but I'm sure it's slipped out of the foreign sales department's agenda by now.

I know what the next chapter of Cromozone is to be, there's no 'writer's block', but I'm curiously reluctant to write it.

Then I see what I've been up to this week ... polishing those early pages, writing down notes of what is to come. I've been preparing this book to set it aside for a while. A writer friend wrote to me the other day, incredulous that I had two novels and a non-fiction book already out there for some editor to snap up. He couldn't see the sense of investing so much time with no promise of reward ... wondered why I wasn't selling from a proposal of sample chapters plus a breakdown of the rest.

In fact that is how I sold my last two books. Now this one is ready to go the same way whenever the time comes. It will be so much easier to write when someone agrees to buy it in advance.

I'm part way through turning my two most recent novels into screenplays. Cromozone came out of nowhere to divert me for a time, but that time is up. The wisdom of screenwriting is that the beginner needs to have two complete spec properties before trying to sell one of them, so there's more logic in finishing these than in finishing yet another novel. Hopefully it can be fun as well.