So What is Writer's Block?

I've been dancing between different 'new' projects, incomplete writing projects, wondering what to take up now I've set Cromozone aside. Coming round to picking up Cromozone again. Whether anyone's publishing my previous novels or not, writing then is clearly what I'm best at.

I always presumed writer's block was not knowing what to write. Guess I was wrong. It can also be knowing what scene comes next and not wanting to write it. I did some revision and extension of another ongoing novel, The Lovely Life of Arnold, but Cromozone is calling me back. It's clear I've nothing better to do with a Big Sur writing retreat.

Heard back from Mexico, the foreign rights editor there interested in reading I Was Carlos Castaneda. I'll try and persuade the Random House foreign rights department to send her a copy. I don't expect much success though. They even refused to send a copy to England as follow-through on a meeting I had with the perfect editor there who was keen to consider it. I'm not much for letting my rights fall into other people's hands.

Sales news: around 6,000 copies of I Was Carlos Castaneda shipped in the first two months. That seems OK for no publicity whatsoever. It's enough to start word of mouth.