Cromozone is set in a much changed world, seventeen years from some tomorrow.

It's interesting to see what places I've lived in have affected it. The time on a government compound, while working in an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia, clearly feeds the piece. The autocracy, the blasts of heat, the sterilized living conditions, the desert, the removal of all women from the daily scene, the lack of any wildlife but ten inch long dragonflies, the hostility of the natives, it's all part of the futureworld of the current book.

My times in Berlin in the mid 70s are in there too. Not directly, as in my first novel On Bended Knees, but that whole experience of communities held in place by a government wall.

And Big Sur? I do sense this place storing things inside of me for the future - especially a novel involving kinship with the animal world which has been brewing for some years as my next one. The West Coast of America does achieve a satisfying version of human life. I'll probably be in Europe to write my next book, and this experience can filter through there.