When the whole world crashes (a computer thing)


Attentive readers may have noticed a brief lapse here! My computer gave up the ghost on Saturday. The company hosting this domain name screwed up simultaneously, so it's been three days of virtual havoc.

It was a curious experience. For years now my computer has been my sole address, the one sure way I could be reached while I roamed the world, so it felt more important than a home. Happily my work was saved on a zip drive so everything wasn't lost, but I was forlorn without my daily access to this keyboard. It was hard to think outside of the framework of this machine. Odd to think that my early novels were bashed out, draft after draft, on a typewriter. It makes me feel like the ancient mariner.

I woke in a blind panic on Sunday night, worries about my computer racing through my head. Putting those worries to rest I then traced back a dream which brought me to thoughts of a new nonfiction book. The previous day I had come up with two brilliant ideas for others, to transform their creative lives. One of them termed the feat 'creative malady', the idea that bright things are spawned from adversity. I did begin to think that time away from the computer routine might be a healthy thing.

Yesterday I spent the day in the British Library, researching away, notebook and pen to hand, like the old days. Perhaps I should give my computer a rest every week, see what crops up to take its place.

Perhaps I should. And of course I won't. I'm addicted. It's great to be tapping away again, even if this new system is woefully unfamiliar.

Let's hope your glad to find me back!

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