Blowing it off


A bright and sunny day yesterday, a personal storm whipping up a foul temper when I looked into resuming my novel. The cure? I looked into its pages, then blew novel-writing off for the day. Took a walk, ran errands, went to a party instead.

It's interesting how much social life these mountains throw up. New people last night - an artist, an actor, a solicitor who handled Robert Maxwell - and over dinner at the home of friend Pam, who's done most to show me the ropes of living down here, was Cath an ethnobotanist and writer about sacred trees ( Cath's website, www.sacredearth.com; Shane a young Irish carpenter and photographer who's flying back to audition for Survivor on Wednesday (in the final 50 from whom the 16 for the next series will be selected); and Tino Gonzales, top American guitarist signed to a French label with a new CD coming out in 2 weeks (www.TinoGonzales.ws). Good crack, as Pam might say.

Great company, great food, and the wine not too bad at all (oddly though in France I find I miss Californian wines). I was in happy low-performance mode, as mellow as a beach with conviviality breaking over me. It might have been enough of a break to see me diving into the new section of my novel. It might have been. You know how much interest I have in writing my book today? About this much -> "

Didn't Gosford Park just win an Oscar for best screenplay? Hey look, it's showing in Perpignan! Best jump in the car and head for town - I can't miss a writing research opportunity as good as that!

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