The Top 100 Books of all time


A Norwegian committee has just announced the top 100 works of fiction of all time ... the list being drawn from books chosen by the world's top writers.

They've elected Don Qixote as the single best ever book. An interesting choice, one I've never read. The breadth of the list is so appealing I'm tempted to read through all the ones I don't know (though even this strong a recommendation is unlikely to prod me through Proust or even Madame Bovary) - it's good to see the likes of the major Indian spiritual epics and Rumi making the list. And some I've never heard of ... such as an apparent epic from Brazil, Joao Guimaraes Rosa's The Devil to Pay in the Backlands.

Many of my own list of top books makes it - one, probably my favourite novel of all, doesn't. My top vote (till I read Do Quixote perhaps!) goes to Dumas's The Count of Monte Christo.

The list is fun ... this link leads to an article about it, with a link to the full list. Read and enjoy!

The World's Best Ever Books

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