Zoom! - Small publishers look great from here! (Small publisher route #1)


I've just experienced one of the sharpest turnarounds in publishing history. I emailed off my manuscript of ON SACRED MOUNTAINS to Heart of Albion on Thursday lunchtime (astonishing for a start, a publisher prepared to accept a manuscript electronically) and not only was it read overnight, an illustrator and distributor were contacted the next morning and by the time I heard it was accepted, the book was already on its way to being in the shops in a matter of weeks.

Time to get the publication stuff into play - blurbs, photos, promotional ideas etc. My question on galleys was deemed 'quaint' - the publisher, Bob Trubshaw, thinks in terms of 'a DTP file rather than a Wod DOC'. The final 'galleys' will come to me shortly as an Adobe PDF file.

Review copies will go out at the same time as publication. Considering the negligible review coverage of my last two paperback publications I can see that delay isn't really merited. We've missed the Spring UK catalogues, but Bob's easy with overcoming that by a mailing to UK bookshops. Part of the speed is to maximize the sales value of 2002 being the UN's International Year of Mountains - the very factor that spurred me to give my book its final polish. I see it as vital that the world shifts its regard of mountains, and that people begin to learn how to orientate their lives to the energy these mountains pour out. It is idiocy that makes such an attitude esoteric rather than standard, the same stale folly that seeks to deny the existence of anything it cannot recognize.

I look to have great fun at speeding this book into your hands - please come back for the publishing developments!

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