Ho hum


Night-time already ... it seems the only creative writing I'll get to do today is this entry.

I justified the day as a workday by getting out 16 letters to literary festivals around the country, introducing myself as a speaker. I read a piece by Tim Parks once (it's reproduced in the online archive at The Richmond Review) seeking to be comic about litfests being so ubiquitous that writing a laundry list would get you an invite. I didn't find it funny. I'm delighted to talk to any group that welcomes me. Sooner than sitting here waiting forever it seemed apt to let them know of my existence. A nice little colour handout produced on my computer left me quite impressed with myself.

Otherwise it was a visit to a doctor in the hospital in Bedford ... chasing down ailments from a lifetime of wayward travel ... and a visit to my niece to tutor her through some poetry prior to her exams. I like teaching poetry ... it's the only time I bother to work through to its meaning and truly appreciate it. More family visits and the day was gone.

I did, however, stick my computer through its optimization program. And it churned out some printing while I had a bath. It's good to have technology working for you on your off days!

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