The End

At 10.12am yesterday, at home in Sandy Beds, I penned the closing words of Cromozone - any astrologers out there care to make a prediction for its success?

The book feels good. It follows Evelyn Waugh's advice - "Never kill off your characters - you only get one set." The book is wrapped up at its close, but the characters and events will carry on - to be revealed in a sequel if this book connects, otherwise to take shape in the reader's imagination.

My own rule on finishing a book is to lay it aside for three months, knowing that time is the best editor. It's a rule I always break, and will doubtless do so again. The book has been edited throughout the writing process (it's been worked through many entirely new drafts over the last near twenty years, this current one about 12 fulltime months in the writing). I shall let it rest for a little while, get some feedback, then set to it once again. I look forward to sitting down and reading it for the first time ... the process till now has been almost entirely on computer.

Past experience suggests I shall now rollercoast on emotions for a while, a post partem sort of thing. In fact that mode might be broken - life presses in many areas and I should be too busy for moods. So long as England keep progressing in the World Cup I shall be fine!

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