Doing local radio


Just back from a trip to Leicester (city of my birth and everything else) and anappearance on "Talk Back", the morning Radio Leicester show. Ten minutes to spin tales around On Sacred Mountains.

It was good to meet up with the presenter John Florance again. He's interviewed me a few times before and actually gives the books a good read. I don't know how much he goes for this current one ... "When are you going to write another novel?" he asked wistfully on leaving, "On Bended Knees was so good." Then he told me of how much he has used In Search of the Divine Mother for snippets on a national Radio 4 Sunday show - "so many pieces of that book seem appropriate to so many different things", and he began to speculate about getting Radio 4 to do a Sacred Mountains programme.

So while I doubt these local radio slots sell many books (though a bookseller who had listened to the interview this morning did ring the publisher to place an order as I was on a publisher visit) you never know what they might lead to. Also I find it great just to get out in the world, to have someone show an interest in my writing, to get to talk about it, to journey away from my desk with a sense of purpose for a day.

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