Colonoscopies and the Royal Literary Fund!


An odd week all in all. It started with a colonoscopy. Though drugged and out of it I still managed to shout out from the pain so much they put a stop to the examination. Oh well. A merry team came into the house yesterday, ripped paper off the walls and pierced holes in the ceilings so water cascaded down, the remnant of the chaos of corroded pipes, so the house is filled with humidifiers and vast blowers. And this website evaporated for a few days. I traced the problem down to my dotcom name going out of date where it's held by some company in Melbourne Australia.

A great week for all that though. Finished a new draft of a play, and heard from the Royal Literary Fund. I had applied for an award, along with a stack of my writings, and this week one was granted. Hooray and God Bless Them! It gives me space to get well and write without panic till Easter at least.

Today I've beentoying today with ideas for biography. I was homing in on Patricia Highsmith, since I think her writing is terrific and there's nothing currently out there, but fopund reference to her "biographer' Andrew Wilson so guess that one's been snapped up. I recently thought of Anthony Burgess, since I know some juicy and unknown facts about him, but found out he has two biographer son the go at the moment. That saves burying myself in the vast volume of his writings - to write a writer's life I think I would need to like the writing more than I do like his. My thinking's now going to historical figures, with its challenge of depicting a whole age through the prism of one person's life. I would enjoy having a current research topic once again. I read this week that the Royal Literary Fund supported Clemenceau during his time in England - maybe I'll write a homage to them!