Selling oneself


ON SACRED MOUNTAINS is written, and winging its way at an astonishing rate through the publishing process. Now we're into the stage of making sure people notice it.

The first job is to make the book attractive so someone picks it up - that's out of my hands and with the illustrator. The next is to make the person who picks up a copy want to read it. I've been digging out the quotes and writing the jacket copy this week. In America I tried to pick up some of the audacity writers show towards themselves. The first reading I went to was by Rianne Eissler in a bookstore in Carmel, for her follow-up to THE SWORD AND THE CHALICE. Because of its radical feminine perspective, she declared this new work was the most significant publication since the Bible.

I can't quite go that far. Not quite. But I do believe in this book, and reckon it should be read by hundreds of thousands, so I've done my best to be bold on the cover. Bold yet inviting (I'm afraid Ms Eissler's brazenness firghtened me off). For want of celebrity puffs, the rule that people take you at some fraction of your own self-estimation is accurate, I suspect.

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